They are in charge of only one* of the things you have mentioned. They cannot add brand new things to the game, only cycle things that are currently not available in the game, but have been created by NCSoft Korea, such as outfits and content that is available in other regions. This is evidenced by how they updated the AH and added "Character Info" which was not available in any other region. They added a link to a website which you can access in-game, but they could not add a whole new system where you inspect people in game, they have to use a website.

Everything else, I agree with, though. Should be able to scale UI elements individually, skills should be explained and worded better, quests should be share-able, bidding should be through-out the whole instance, not just that section and the floors shouldn't randomly stop you from sprinting. Sadly, I do not think NCSoft NA can fix most of these issues. Only forward them to NCSoft Korea and hope they get fixed in a patch, which they can push to us.

This isn't a new game and thus they don't have any dev team in west. They depend entirely on Korean dev team and everything is made there with Blade And Soul Gold. Makes me wonder why are they even collecting bug feedback when they aren't the ones fixing it lol. You can't really expect high quality fixes from Koreans anyways. If the game is 3 years out and it still has this many basic bugs I doubt they will ever fix them.

It honestly seems entirely random. I posted in a thread a couple weeks ago with someone having performance issues. I think it's either a graphics driver issue or OS issue because I can run the game on my windows 7, i3 3.4 GHz, 32gb Corsair vengence, and GTX 650 with 45-60 fps while streaming with very little fluctuation in framerate. There were a few people in that thread with FAR better specs than me who were having trouble running the game at a steady framerate without streaming.

My biggest frustration, which is also something NCwest is definitely capable of changing, is just that the tooltips on skills are so horribly worded. I seriously can't understand what half the skills are trying to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. The english is very broken, they feel like they're frequently written in Yoda speak, mixing up parts of sentences into the wrong order.

I had just as easy of a time figuring out skills when I played on the CN server with an english patch, which actually was google translated for the most part (at least at the time I played, was a long time ago and didn't play for very long). That's pretty bad if the official translations are just as hard to understand as google translated tooltips...

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