I know a lot of you will troll because a lot of you don't know how to act like Cheap Blade And Soul Gold a mature decent human being. That being said.

I can see if you paid money for Founders pack and you're upset but most of these people complaining are non premium members that started playing yesterday. Please stop flooding the Faction chat and Forums with your whining. Don't ruin it for the rest of us. I already have a rediculously long block list from babies and trolls. You're not the only person that has anxiously waited for 8+ years for BnS. Get off you high horse and deal with it and shut up or stop playing. Yes queue times are bad but if you read the news NCSoft in adding more servers within the next 48 hours and they have activated an AFK timer. So by this weekend we should see a huge change. I for have waited for 2 hours in queue to play and you know what? Yes it bothered me that I had to wait but Blade and Soul is worth the wait. So find something productive to do while you wait. Hopefully this has helped you feel better and if not no loss of sleep for me. Good luck out there and enjoy yourselves!!! :D

I honestly don't know what people are complaining about. I've actually grown quite fond of ogling my character. Spinning her around, and around, and around. Pretty sure I heard the character selection screen music theme in my sleep as well. Probably not a good sign, but I digress.

But yes, most of us have waited years for this opportunity. Waiting a day or so to get in is hardly enough reason to get all bent out of shape for.

Relax peeps.

Or you could hunt through the servers and Buy Blade And Soul Gold make a character on a server with a low queue time like I did. Regardless of how many servers they open people need to understand that this game was really hyped, and it came out yesterday. There are a ton of people who want to try the game. It'll be a few weeks and possibly a few months before the servers balance out and short average queue times are achieved.

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