The New Character Options of Blade & Soul

Name Reservation begins January 11, 2016 at 6pm PST for NA servers, and 7pm CET for EU servers.

Disciple and Master Founder’s Pack owners will have the opportunity to reserve character names before the game launches. Names are unique within each region—it’s possible for the same name to exist once in NA and once in EU, regardless of server. It will be required to log in at the Name Reservation period using the launch client (linked above), and you will be able to create one (Disciple) or two (Master) characters, choose their server, and reserve their Blade And Soul Gold. It will not be possible to play the game during Name Reservation, and the login will only allow you to create one or two characters, depending on your Founder’s Pack level.

Be advised that selecting a name for your character comes after customizing their appearance. Additionally, if you want to recustomize your character’s look at launch you will need to delete your reserved character, and may risk someone else taking your name before you can change your character’s look. However it is possible to purchase a Character Alteration Voucher from the in-game store once Head Start begins, in addition to the ones already offered in the Disciple and Master Packs.

The Name Reservation period ends January 14 at 10am PST / 7pm CET for both NA and EU servers.

New Character Options

New hairstyles, hair color, facial customization options, and additional skintones will be available in the launch client.

Head Start

All Founder’s Pack owners will be able to access the game more than three full days before the game launch, providing additional time to level and increase their character power before anyone else.

Head Start begins January 15 at 10am PST / 7pm CET for both NA and EU servers and will directly transition into launch with no planned downtime.


Our launch celebration begins at a live event in Southern California, at the eSports Arena in Santa Ana, where we’ll have limited edition swag, giveaways, contests, game stations, and a livestream counting down to the game’s launch. More details to come, but if you’re looking to attend ensure you’re free the evening of January 18 to help us celebrate!

Blade & Soul launches at 12:01am EST, January 19.

We do expect that while Head Start will help even out players across a wide range of levels and content before launch, we do anticipate there may be queues to log in for those who don’t have Premium Membership queue priority to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, either from the included amount with a Founder’s Pack, or purchased separately. We’ll be closely monitoring server stability and capacity at launch, and will be providing up-to-the-minute service information and updates from @BladeandSoulOps.

Founder’s Packs

We’ll be continuing to sell Founder’s Packs through Head Start and up to launch on January 19. At launch we’ll begin offering Starter Packs which will provide a different selection of bonuses and benefits for those who missed out on a Founder’s Pack.

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