When u realize u just wasted 26$ for 3 days of game play

Yeah it is extremely disappointing honestly i thought i would b able to possibly buy a month of premium with the points i got with the pack. Until after i already bought it to realize you need to buy premium before u can even use them. Which i find to be very deceiving by the company this of course is just my opinion. Of course seeing this im now deciding if i even care to decide to play the game any further from Blade & Soul Gold here on out. Having to read the fine print when playing a game tends to require more attention then i want when playing a game lol...

Dont get me wrong it has been fun and ive enjoyed it while ive played. But waiting an hour to play a game (given normal during a release) after just paying 26$ knowing that there are bugs that will result in a crash although not that often but still happen. Yeah im just not that excited about it. Especially when i know im waiting that hr because someone that didnt pay anything to play is even more annoying lol... Anyway its to late ive already asked for a refund and determining on how they respond will decide whether or not i continue playing the game or not. And dont get me wrong this has nothing to do with the money its what i received for that money that makes me feel ripped off. I tend to spend about 50$ a month on games i play so that doesnt bother me. If they refund me the cost of the founders pack i intend to give it right back and will just buy a premium membership. Which in itself gives more then the initiate pack which is really sad alone. If they don't well ill just chalk it up as a loss and never play another game by them.

Oh dont get me wrong i didnt buy the pack prior to the 3 days early access i had no interest in Buy Blade And Soul Goldpaying them to test their game for them. I totally thought i was just paying for a title yay (sarcasm) and a month of premium membership and a 3 day benefit which i gladly would of payed. However i just received the 3 days and the title yay (sarcasm again lol.. Just to accustomed how other mmo's have been that ive played prior to this.

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